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0momskidIt is now 1:23pm.

The day has slipped way beyond my fingers, sad to say. I had big plans, but a couple fell through. Like church. I had every intention of going, but my 3rd daughter is getting over a cold, plus the thought of quietly studying God’s Word in the silence of my dining room sounded just too good. So I did. I studied, but I mainly worked on my scripture memorization cards which stole most of my time. Then I was disappointed in myself because I devoted prayer time to several other people and neglected the fact that today is the National Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Please, I implore you all. If you can spare 5 minutes of prayer, please do so. Every little bit helps. I have prayed already, and plan to pray again and throughout the entire day.

The disappointment I feel now is due to waking up late, spending what time I did have on my own studies, and now I’m pulled in 10 different directions because of my family. Groceries, promised bike rides, leaf clean up, clothes pick up from a friend, prepping for school, nursing a sick kid, are all time stealers to me now. I feel like I can’t keep my head straight! Plus all the myriad of things I need to keep track of for tomorrow! Argh!

I’m trying to remain focused. In whatever I do today, I pray that it brings glory to Christ. Father, I pray, that you would remember those that are in bonds, that are suffering. Let them feel your presence today above all else. Give them Your love, give them the strength and assurance they need to press toward the prize, to win this race for Your Only Son. No matter the cause, no matter the pain. Please. We boldly approach your throne on their behalf. Lift them up, bless them, shine upon them all. We ask in the precious and mighty name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

This is my prayer today. My heart is with them. My mind tries to wrap around the thoughts of their suffering and tries to imagine it. As I sit and play and have fun in the sunshine, I don’t think I can ever fully appreciate their pain. I am blessed beyond words and sometimes I feel guilty for being so blessed. The only thing I can do now is prepare. To grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior NOW, for the day may come where I can not. And that is what I need to keep in rememberance. There may come a day where we, here, in our comfort may one day face the same sufferings. Are you prepared?




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